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Futuropa is an organization specialized in promoting Costa Rica as a tourist destination for Europeans. Futuropa members know the needs and demands of European travellers who visit Costa Rica. These companies are dedicated to providing information in several languages, maintaining a high standard of quality in all services, and operating their companies ethically, both in their relations with tourists and with business partners.

As experts in the European market, Futuropa Group is currently the only organization that serves as an advisor to the plans, strategies and efforts carried out in this market by the Costa Rican Tourism Board

Our Purpose
  • Foster the right conditions for optimal development of European tourism markets to Costa Rica and Central America.
  • Promote the destination of Costa Rica and our partners’ services in accordance with the expectations of European tourists and the European tourist industry through a comprehensive, concerted and systematic effort, oriented toward the long term, and maintaining a constant commitment to the sustainable development of our country.
  • Promote the services of our partners and the destination of Costa Rica in European outbound markets, on their own and in partnership with third parties, fostering sustainable development.
  • Facilitate appropriate conditions, working in a comprehensive and strategic manner on the factors that influence the development of European markets.
  • Coordinate and promote with other organizations and institutions the processes related to European markets, at national, regional and international levels.
  • Guide, educate and train our partners and the tourism sector in general about the particular aspects of European markets, and permanently disclose projections, actions and the accounting of this Association.
Benefits for our partners as members of Futuropa
European Travel Mart - Futuropa Costa Rica

A day with the European Market

The objective of this activity is to provide the tourism sector with accurate and professional information that will help them make the best decisions to develop and sell their product in European markets. Over the years, this activity has been a space to educate and inform tourism businesses about the situation and economic development of European markets. We intend to further empower service providers so they can define their product and present it properly in those markets.

European Travel Mart - Futuropa Costa Rica

European Travel Mart


It is a tradeshow without pre-set appointments which brings together Tour Operators specialized in European markets with providers who are or wish to enter these markets.
  • Have a platform to offer your products and rates to the key buyers of services for the European market
  • Set-strengthen-restart trade links with specialized Tour Operators in Europe
  • Present your product efficiently in a single event.
  • Listen and learn about the specific needs of Tour Operators in relation to the European market. - Futuropa Costa Rica

Give members the opportunity to present their product in a Costa Rica travel portal that is up-to-date with the current technology for promoting our destination to the European market, including the country’s specialized tourism products for European markets, general information about the country that is oriented to the tastes and preferences of the European market, and capable of generating databases, interaction with European travel agents and online training.

Fam Trips - Futuropa Costa Rica

Fams & Press Trips

Requests by different international media and / or European travel agents eager to meet our country to strengthen its promotion in Europe are handled by organizing Fam & Press Trips throughout the year. Futuropa Group supports the organization of these activities with their affiliates that are interested in travel agents knowing their product, or having information released in different media, thus having the opportunity to generate more business. We take the opportunity to organize a Trade Show with the participation of only our Futuropa affiliate companies, so that they have the opportunity to negotiate with the travel agents participating in the Fam Trips

Desayunos Educativos - Futuropa Costa Rica

Educational Breakfasts

In order to have better communication with our members, inform them about the actions that we are developing, and listen to their concerns and suggestions, we organize Executive Breakfast exclusively for our members.  In addition to sharing with members of the Board of Directors of the Association, this activity also represents an opportunity to network among members.

London Travel Mart - Futuropa Costa Rica

International Travel Shows

Our participation focuses on representing and promoting our members, establishing contacts to create databases, meeting with representatives of key companies to implement promotional activities over the coming months, distribute our Tourist Map to interested wholesalers or travel agents, support the management of the Costa Rican Tourism Board at the international trade shows.

Mapa Turistico - Futuropa Costa Rica

Printed Map

With this project, we try to improve the instruments for the promotion of Costa Rica in the European market, and the promotion of our members via the travel portal developed by Futuropa ( The map does not contain advertising of any company; rather, the map contains tourism offers with the list of Futuropa members. It has without a doubt been very useful in promoting the country and our affiliates.

Social Medias - Futuropa Costa Rica

Comparta su información

We share your information in our like-minded social networks with hundreds of Travel Agents and Users: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and more. In addition to publishing free events and news of your business on our blog.

Seminario Educativo en Estocolmo - Futuropa Costa Rica

Educational Seminars in Europe

Futuropa Group organizes, with the financial support from the Costa Rican Tourism Board, various educational seminars in Europe, in major cities where there is great interest in our destination. Since 2011, we have conducted seminars in Spain, Germany, France, England, Denmark, Stockholm and Vienna. Our members can participate directly in these seminars, or indirectly by sending their promotional material that Futuropa undertakes in distributing between 60 and 80 travel agents who attend these activities. In addition, affiliates have brand presence, which is shown during the presentation made by the representative of Futuropa during the seminar

Participate with Futuropa, join and revitalize your business together.

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